Re-Release Tour & Review: When Destinies Collied by Shirl Rickman

Title: When Destinies Collide
Author: Shirl Rickman
Genre: YA Romance
Release Date: October 12, 2017 


Waking every morning and pasting a smile on her face, Selene Chandler only looks like she has it all: parents who love each other, popularity… but what she actually has, is everyone fooled. 

Afraid to let anyone see the real, raw her, Selene’s life is far from perfect, and the well-constructed wall she’s built is so high, no one has ever seen past it except her mother; the one and only person she’s ever felt love from. 


The handsome “golden” boy of Montgomery, Texas, Drake Thomas appears to have the perfect life. The Mayor’s son, Drake is privileged, entitled, and has never faced the consequences of his actions. He’s never had to until one fateful night, his carefully constructed world begins to unravel, and it takes all the strength he didn’t know he had to hold it together. 

When fate deals Selene a devastating hand, she is forced into a new life, in a new town. Both alluring and beautiful, two strangers lives cross paths in a tangle of feelings impossible for them to ignore. 

Desire turns to a longing neither have ever allowed themselves to feel; but will it be enough to tear down their walls and overcome the secrets of their past? 

They’re both pretending; but in this life, you can only pretend for so long.

By the time I get back to the house, I’m sweating and bleeding. I decided to take the longer route home to see if the fort we built when I was ten was still standing, and I ended up tripping over a rock and cutting my knee open. I’ve always been a little clumsy—it wasn’t unheard of for my mama to teasingly call me Grace. The endearing term was a sort of a joke between us. She loved teasing me, and I loved it right back. I limp my way up the back porch steps and through the screen door, into the kitchen. I look down, trying to make sure I’m not dripping blood all over the place, when I run into something—or should I say someone—coming around the corner from the hall with a big box. It knocks us both back and I land hard on my bottom. Hardwood floors are not forgiving, and I scream out as the box and all of its contents hit the floor beside me. “Aunt Violette, I’m so sorry,” I instantly exclaim as I look up to find a set of eyes, the most unusual shade of green, staring at me with intense familiarity. “Oh…uh…I…” I can’t seem to form a coherent word. It isn’t Aunt Violette, but the most stunning person I’ve ever seen. His eyes are so indescribable, I feel my cheeks heat as they freely roam over my body. It’s like they’re marking their territory, and I can feel it move through every part of me. As if he suddenly remembers his manners, the stranger steps forward and reaches his hand out to me. My gaze moves from his eyes to his hand and back. My mind seems to be moving in slow motion, and a beat later I finally snap out of my thoughts and accept his help. He grips my hand and pulls me up with such force that I’m now almost pressed entirely against him. Our hands drop to our sides, and we’re standing so close I can smell a mixture of soap and sweat. I never knew the scent of sweat could be so appealing. I look up to find him gazing down at me, sending chills up my spine. Looking me straight in the eye, the stranger steps back a little and takes my hand again—this time without permission. “I’m Drake…Drake Thomas.” He keeps my hand in his, making it hard for me to think. I feel like I’m on fire. “I…” Before I can finish, Aunt Violette walks into the room and interrupts. “Oh, Selene, dear, I see you’ve met Drake.”
Rating: 5 Groupie Stars

Every now and then I come across a read that I struggle to review , it’s not that I didn’t enjoy it , in fact it had such an impact on me that I feel no words will do it justice , no words can capture the emotions that this specific book made me feel …..this is one of those reads ….
I physically hurt reading this and it felt like someone had my heart in their fist and they were squeezing it …..ringing it dry ….
One of my favourite movies is “The Crow” and there’s a melody that’s always stuck with me and it played in my mind while reading “When Destinies Collide” ….” it won’t rain all the time , the sky won’t fall forever….”
As much as I fell apart with Drake and Selene so I also healed , laughed and found peace 💕
A 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 debut that will blow your heart and mind!!!!
Shirl Rickman is a writer, a dreamer, and an optimist. A small town Texas girl currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, Shirl adores her husband, daughter, and two crazy dogs. When she’s not dreaming up new love stories, Shirl can be found reading, drinking her favorite coffee, Kona Blend with coconut milk. She loves kindness, laughing and meeting her readers. 

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