Release Tour & Review: Cupcakegasm by Rhiannon Jean


by Rhiannon Jean
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Cover Designer:  Imagination Uncovered
Release Date: September 29, 2017



Mabel has finally made her and her late Gran’s dreams come true: she has her very own organic cupcake shop, Hazel’s Hints of Heaven. For the most part, she’s content. There’s her daily visits to Cherry’s Coffee Roasters, hanging with her two best friends, Max and Corinda, and baking her heart out. Alas, she aches for a little human contact (wink, wink). She’d even settled for one-night stands from her favorite hole in the wall bar, but, when she meets two mouth-droppingly, eye-poppingly gorgeous men, things get complicated.

There’s Gavin, the tattooed, pierced, dark haired, blue-eyed devil who reeks of sin and needs a job in a pastry kind of way. And Henry, the tall, blond, green-eyed Greek god who borders on rude and tight-assed and needs sweet treats—and fast. As Mabel gets to know each man, her heart chooses one, while her body chooses another.

When push comes to shove, with a little help from fate, Mabel finally makes the choice that satisfies her heart…and her Cupcakegasm.



Rating: 4 Groupie Stars

Cupcakegasm is a sweet romance that will keep you guessing.  The passing of Mable’s grandmother is bittersweet when she leave a all of her recipes, her vintage oven, and a nest egg for Mable to start her own cupcake shop.  Determined to make her grandmother proud
Mable sets off on her journey for the perfect flavors but along the way she encounters some challenges.  And just like finding the magic combination of butter to sugar, finding the perfect man is proving to be just as daunting.
I caught myself nodding, laughing and quite honestly I was struck with the urge to go bake! (Psssst…bonus recipes at the end of the book!!)  This was a cute 4 star read and I would defi itel y recommend it to anyone.



Special Release Day Pricing – Only 99¢



Hailing from the Midwest, Rhiannon Jean has finally decided to listen to the voices in her head and put their stories on paper. She loves cats, cupcakes, Netflix, tequila, writing, crafting, music, singing too loudly with the car radio, dancing, shoes, tattoos and correcting people’s grammar.








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