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Title: Revive
Author: Mary A. Wasowski
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 18, 2017


My father always told me there were three sides to every story. I never really understood that, not even years after losing him tragically on 9/11. While all my hopes faded to black after his death, the only light I had was that of my best friend, Nick. We were two people whose friendship blossomed into more in the face of shared pain and grief. That’s why I know he never understood why I had to walk away, why I would break his heart and never look back.
– TheaMy father was undoubtedly one of the best men I would ever know, and I wanted to be just like him. He proudly served as Chief of the FDNY and died a hero on 9/11. Every day after that, I tried to become a man I knew he would be proud of. And I thrived having my best friend, Thea, by my side. But instead of staying with me and celebrating the happiest moment in my life, Thea walked away, splintering my heart in the process, never looking back to see if I would follow.
– Nick

Years after parting, these once lovers are reunited in the most heated manner and must face their past, come to terms with each of their unspoken truths, and just maybe revive their once-cherished friendship…and understand why there are three sides to every story.

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Rating: 4 Groupie Stars
Nick and Thea are highscool sweethearts . Their fathers served at the same fire house and they both lost their dad to 9/11 💔😭
Everyone expects Nick and Thea to get married , have babies ,  a house with a white picket fence etc….so when Nick has an announcement we all think we know whats going to go down …..well things don’t always happen the way you think and we see Nick growing up to fill his dad’s shies and Thea has made quite the career for herself.
Thea comes home for a visit that is long past due and her and Nick newdbto hash things out so they can get closure and move on with their lives ….
There was tears , drama and a dash of suspense.  There’s second chances albeit not what one expected . It’s also a reminder that we need to communicate and not assume. Often assumption  is the greatest cause of pain and all can be avoided by simple communication….
Author Bio
Mary A. Wasowski is a Best Selling Author who writes adult
contemporary romance. Captivating and inspiring readers one book at a time.
Mary loves creating sexy alpha book boyfriends for you to
swoon over. When she is not writing her happily ever after stories, she is an
avid reader of all romance titles. A romantic at heart, she shares her zest for
life with her husband, Henry, and their three sons.
Proud to be an Indie Author, she lives in North Carolina and
works as a full-time writer.
Sparkle on loves… 
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