Release Blitz & Review: Riptide by Michelle Mankin


Title: Riptide
Series: Rock Stars, Surf and Second Chances #2
Author: Michelle Mankin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 21, 2017


Rock star Ramon Martinez can have any woman he wants, and he frequently does because he can’t have her. Karen Grayson
Surfer girl.
My band mate’s wife
The one woman I can’t have.
The one woman who could have my heart though I can never let her know.
 Ramon Martinez

Completely forbidden.
I wanted him back at the beginning, but he didn’t want me.
So I made the safe choice.
The wrong one.
We were once friends.
Now we’re not even that.
But we’re both back in Ocean Beach and that dangerous attraction remains.



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*Don’t miss the link inside Riptide to win a Southwest Airlines gift card. At the end of Riptide there is also an exclusive preview of a rock star novel at such a high heat level, that Michelle considered using a pseudonym.



Reviewer: Nicole

Rating:5 Stars

Michelle Mankin is not only an all-around awesome person, but is also an amazing writer whose story pulls you in whether it be about a surfer, rocker, or paranormal being. One thing that each of her books has in common is that there is so much detail in her stories, you can tell how much time and passion has gone into each one of them. She does the research and pulls you into the character’s world. This book was no exceptional to her phenomenal writing, and it had such great flow and pulled me into the story from the very beginning.

It didn’t talk me long to fall in love with both Karen and Ramon, and to be cheering them on to find their HEA. Karen is a kickass female that you can’t help but love and feel for, she’s been through a lot and is trying to find who she really is. Ramon, a hot rocker man-whore, with a heart of gold, that will easily be your next book boyfriend. They have had a rough ride and we get not only present, but we get their back story also. Their story is an emotional roller coaster ride that proves that somethings are just meant to be. I loved how comfortable they were to each other, and how they brought out the best in each other.

This is a second chance romance, that is a must read for any romance lover. I really enjoyed Outside, but I loved Riptide, there was just something about Ramon and Karen’s story that hooked me from the first chapter. I did love getting a little bit more of Lincoln and Simone in this book and seeing what they have been up to. I can’t wait to see which Rocker/Surfer will fall next. I highly recommend this book and all of Michelle’s books.

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Author Bio
Michelle Mankin is the New York Times bestselling author of the Black Cat Records series of novels.
Rock Stars. Romance. Redemption.
Love Evolution, Love Revolution, and Love Resolution are a BRUTAL STRENGTH centered trilogy, combining the plot underpinnings of Shakespeare with the drama, excitement, and indisputable sexiness of the rock ‘n roll industry.
Things take a bit of an edgier, once upon a time turn with the TEMPEST series. These pierced, tatted, and troubled Seattle rockers are young and on the cusp of making it big, but with serious obstacles to overcome that may prevent them from ever getting there.
Rock stars, myths, and legends collide with paranormal romance in a totally mesmerizing way in the MAGIC series.
Catch the perfect wave with irresistible surfers in the ROCK STARS, SURF AND SECOND CHANCES series.
Romance and self-discovery, the FINDING ME series is a Tempest spin off with a more experienced but familiar cast of characters.
When Michelle is not prowling the streets of her Texas town listening to her rock or NOLA funk music much too loud, she is putting her daydreams down on paper or traveling the world with her family and friends, sometimes for real, and sometimes just for pretend.
Love Evolution
Love Revolution
Love Resolution
Love Rock’ollection: The Brutal Strength Rock Star Trilogy, books 1-3
TEMPEST series (also available in audio):
Irresistible Refrain
Enticing Interlude
Captivating Bridge
Relentless Rhythm
Tempest Raging: The Tempest Rock Star series, books 1-4
Tempting Tempo
Scandalous Beat
The MAGIC series (also available in audio):
Strange Magic
Dream Magic
Twisted Magic
ROCK STARS, SURF AND SECOND CHANCES series (also available in audio):
FINDING ME series (also available in audio):
Find Me
Remember Me
Keep Me
Faith and Freedom
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