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Title: Slow Grind
Series: Men of Mornington #1
Author: Eva Spencer
Genre: Romance
 Release Date: June 28, 2016



Only the good die young. It’s a phrase I wish never existed.

Best mates shouldn’t get cancer, especially terminal at twenty-seven. And experimental treatments shouldn’t cost a hundred grand. But sometimes life just fucking sucked.

Then I got an idea to raise the cash. If a woman could strip her way through uni, we could strip our way to a cure, right? We were attractive Aussie guys, and with the help of Max’s kid sister, we could nail the choreography.

I hadn’t seen Aubrey since she was twelve. She’d gone from a pig-tailed, freckled tomboy into the sexiest chick I think I’d ever met. I made a promise to Max to steer clear, but when she was choreographing our routines …

The Men of Mornington were going to heat things up, and things just got a whole lot hotter..


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“I’ve invited Drew and the guys around tonight for drinks, okay?”I stand at Max’s bedroom door and peer inside. I can just make out the shape of his body on his bed. He rolls over and switches on his lamp, squinting up at me and wiping the sleep from his eyes.

After a few days of making sure this plan can actually work, Drew and I are ready to let the others in on it. I’m nervous, because I have no idea how they’re going to react. Especially Max. But, at the end of the day I know this will work. It has to.

“How long have I been asleep?” he mumbles, struggling to sit up. I walk over to help him, but he waves me off. “I’m okay, Aubs.”

I hang back as much as it kills me to watch him fight to do something that’s so normal for the rest of us, my fingers fidgeting in front of me. He hates it when I try to help him, but I do it without even thinking—it’s my second nature, I think. I just want to make things as easy as I can for him. I did even when he wasn’t sick. I guess I got the nurture and he got the nature. Nope, that’s a lie, he got the nurture too. A pair of peas on a pod, I guess.

“Only a few hours. I wanted to let you rest as long as you were able,” I say, answering his question. “Mom said you were having trouble sleeping through the night, but then I thought you might be hungry, so I’ve made soup. Mom also said you can usually handle that on your stomach when you’re not feeling well. Is that okay?”

“You’re cooking is enough to kill any appetite I have. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” he chuckles. I glower at him, but it’s nice to hear him laugh again, even if it is at my expense and even if it is a little morbid. How do you tell a guy with a body that’s giving out on him that it’s too soon to be making death jokes? I suppose you can’t, can you?

He stands up and I hand him his robe, consciously making sure I don’t try to help him. He follows me out to the kitchen, where the aroma of chicken soup fills the air. He wanders over to the trash and picks up an empty can, laughing and shaking his head.

“Opening a can and heating it doesn’t exactly qualify as cooking,” he says.

“Yeah, well, it’s my kind of cooking,” I respond defensively, snatching the can off him. I toss it back in the bin and set two bowls on the counter. “Go and sit down,” I order.

I pour the steaming soup straight from the pot into two bowls and carry them over to where he’s sitting, placing one in front of him, the other on the opposite side. He obliges, and I wait to take my seat until he’s taken his.

“You better have given me the one with more,” he teases. I smile, my mind going back to our childhood when we used to fight over which drink had more in it, or who got the bigger slice of cake. I remember our dad complaining because for a very long time I even had to have the blue cup because Max had a blue cup. Then, as I grew older, everything became a competition; who finished dinner first, who got to sit in the front seat. Still, as I sit with the soup, I find myself wondering if I can finish before Max, so for the first time I can actually win. It’s hard being ten and being in competition with a teenage boy—they can eat enough for ten men and still have room to steal the dessert.

“Remember the time when you stole the ice cream from the freezer, and when Mom realized one was missing, she refused to let us have another until one of us owned up to it?” Max chuckles and takes a small sip of the broth, leaving the noodles and small chunks of chicken behind in the bowl.

I laugh and roll my eyes. “It’s been twelve years. You can own up to it now,” I say. “I was so pissed at you for making me miss out. You could have at least taken one for me. You knew she wouldn’t let either of us have any until we fessed up.”

“It wasn’t me!” he laughs and holds his hands up in surrender. “I was sure it was you.”

“Even back then, me and mom fought all the time. I wouldn’t dare risk having her unleash her special, sophisticated brand of crazy on me,” I scoff. Max has no reason to lie to me after all this time, so the more I think, the more my mind wanders, then realization hits. “Wasn’t Drew there that day? In the afternoon?”

Max nods, confused, and then breaks out into a smile. “That sneaky little bugger. That bastard owes us ice cream.”

“I’ll make sure he follows through,” I giggle. “You know how I feel about my desserts.”


Reviewer: Kim
Rating: 3.75 Groupie Stars
I loved that this story was made up by 2 best selling authors. I was really excited about that and what 2 great minds could create.
As soon as I read the synopsis I knew I had to read this book. It sounded like my perfect book.
Sadly the story wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. The length of the story was short and was a big issue for me, mainly because the whole story could fit as 1 book easily. There was no need to have 2 books in my opinion.
I feel the story would of flowed better and been more enjoyable if I could read the book in 1 sitting.
I love the theme of the story though.
I’m a sucker for a best mates sister love story. I love the forbiddeness of it all and the amount of angst that goes along with it.
The 3 main characters are Max (Brother), Aubrey (Sister) and Drew (Best Friend). There story is however not your standard best friend story. Max has Cancer and that makes the story hard to read in places. Due to the subject matter I found parts of the story very sad and hard to read.
I fell in love with all 3 characters fast and easily. The authors really was able to capture the emotions from everyone of them brilliantly. The tension and angst between Aubrey and Drew was brilliant. Together they were hot and I was really enjoying their story.
I was just so sad it finished so abruptly. I was desperate for more and was gutted it ended.
I did like the book but it wasn’t the outstanding book I had imagined though sadly.

Reviewer: Ebbie

Rating: 4 Groupie Stars

When I found out that Eva Spencer was Ashley Suzanne and Missy Johnson I knew I had to read this book. They are two of my favorite authors and I couldn’t wait for the awesomeness that would ensue from a co-authored book by them.

In Slow Grind we meet Max, Aubrey, and Drew. Max is Aubrey’s big brother and has cancer. Drew is Max’s best friend. I love a book where the kid sister has a crush on her brother’s friend. I think it’s the taboo nature of the romance that appeals to me. I fell in love with these characters from the beginning. Drew was a bit of a playboy at the start of the book but he was so sexy and confident that it was easy to overlook.

Parts of this story were very emotional for me due to Max having cancer but all in all it was a really good story.  I cried and laughed right along with the characters. The authors are very good at portraying the character’s emotions, making you feel like you are there experiencing everything with the.My only wish was that this story would have been a little bit longer; however it is a perfect day read. I would recommend this book to fans of Ashley and Missy or anyone who loves a romance between a siblings friends.

Author Bio
Eva Spencer, a combination of Ashley Suzanne and Missy Johnson. Independently, we have over 30 novels, and have decided to write our co-written works under one pen name to make it easier for all of you to follow!!! We love new readers and can’t wait to chat with you!
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