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Sea Dragon Synopsis:

A blind dragon who just wants to be left alone…

Sir Hrardorr was once the mightiest of fighters. Now he’s blind and useless. His knight is dead and he can’t even go into proper mourning because he needs help just to get around. Part sea dragon, he decides to go to the Southern Lair to rusticate by the coast. He can fly out over the open water and dive into the sea, where he still has at least some ability to hunt on his own. He doesn’t expect to meet a human woman out on the water, fishing in her small sailboat, but he does, and unexpectedly, they become friends.

A young man who gave up the sword to help the Lair’s healer…

Seth grew up in the Lair and has long had a crush on the most beautiful girl in the town, Livia. But she is the famous sea captain’s daughter, and far, far above him. It’d be one thing if he was a knight or at least a candidate to be one, but Seth gave up all dreams of knighthood when he chose to apprentice himself to the Lair’s elderly healer—the closest thing to a grandmother he’d ever had. His gentle heart has changed the course of his entire life and he’s not sure it’s for the better, but he sees no other option.

A newly made knight who doesn’t know how to be one…

Sir Gowan is a warrior. He was a teacher of fighting when he caught the dragoness’s eye and she chose him as her new knight. Genlitha is a stubborn female and though Gowan tried to refuse, he found he could not turn down the magnificent dragoness, even though he knows nothing about being a knight. They have come to the Southern Lair so Genlitha can teach young fliers how to best navigate the tricky winds off the ocean, and to gain time for Gowan to learn how to be her proper partner.

Three humans. Two dragons. Attraction that cannot be denied…

Both Seth and Gowan are drawn to the lovely Livia, and Genlitha finds the attraction she had for Hrardorr when they were still both dragonets has only grown stronger over the years, but there are obstacles. Hrardorr has sworn to never choose another knight. Seth has sworn to be a healer, even though it’s not his true calling. Gowan is just trying to figure out how to survive in this new world of knights and dragons.

And then they are attacked from the sea by a mighty fleet with dragon-killing weapons, and the town and Lair find themselves totally unprepared to fight. It will be up to the five of them to save the town…if they can. It seems impossible, but they have to at least try.



Rating: 5 Groupie Stars

I have read a lot of books in my lifetime and I have to admit that I have not truly enjoyed a dragon book like Sea Dragon by Bianca D’ Arc since the “Pern” books by Anne McCaffrey! Not that I have not enjoyed the other dragon books that I have read because I have but Sea Dragon is written in a similar style close to the above mentioned books which I found most enjoyable and very intriguing.
Bianca D’ Arc’s characters are fully fleshed out and complex. I truly was able to connect to them and their situation. I was drawn in from the very beginning and my heart was won over by Sir Hrardorr the part sea dragon that was blinded and yet was still able to help in his own dragon way. Seth, the young man meant to be a knight and yet gave his dream up to help the healer of the Southern lair and Sir Gowan a newly minted knight and his dragon Genlitha, these four make for a truly magnificent story. I will say Sea Dragon is truly a st of this storyory well worth reading if you love dragons and the way they enrich their humans lives as well as their own!
Livia is in love with Seth and Sir Gowan however since Seth is not a knight it is possible that the relationship may not be allowed. In this story the dragons are mated as a pair and it is normal for two males and a female to form a loving bond and “marriage” raising their children and dragonettes together.
When the town is threatened by pirates these four work together with the townspeople and the lair to defend the town.
I will warn you that there is some very sexual situations that just add character to this story. Two hot luscious males and one uninhibited woman makes for some exciting sexual energy, guaranteed to get your mind going and raise your temperature!
I highly recommend this book and plan on acquiring the second book in the series.

Bianca D’Arc Bio:

Bianca D’Arc is the USA Today bestselling author of over 50 romance novels. She has twice won EPPIE Awards for her work, along with the Australian Romance Readers Favorite Erotic Romance eBook of 2008 for her first werewolf romance, Lords of the Were. She is a native New Yorker who worked as an executive on Wall Street during the summer of 2001. She changed careers after the tragic attacks of 9/11 and started seriously pursuing publication in 2005. She has a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry, a Masters in Library Science, and a Juris Doctor, but she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She loves her garden and plays the piano, ukulele and guitar.

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