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Baby, You’re Mine
Yeah, Baby Series #1
Fiona Davenport
Genre: Contemporary
Erotic Romance
Available on Kindle
Rule #1: Sisters Are Off Limits
Cross grew up as the only daughter of a single mom. When she finds out about a
family she never knew she had, she travels half-way across the country to meet
them. On the night Bailey hits town, her nerves get the better of her, making
her act out of character when she meets Wyatt Kincaid in a bar and lets him
take her home. After a night that rocks her world, she races out of his bed as
quickly as she fell into it. But, there is one thing Bailey can’t run from, the
baby she and Wyatt created.
went out looking for a good time and found a hell of a lot more than he’d
bargained for. He wants more than a one night stand with the woman in his bed;
he wants a chance at forever. But when he wakes up the next morning, she’s
gone. He searches for her, but Bailey is nowhere to be found… until he goes
looking in his best friend’s home.
This novella contains a sexy alpha, insta-love, and an “oops” baby!
It’s quick, hot, and dirty.
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conversation lulled and we stared at each other, the silence thick and heavy with want. Her eyes were filled with
need, so I closed the distance between us and gently placed my mouth on hers.
Her lips immediately parted, and I left gentle behind as my tongue swept in to
mate with hers, my head slanting to deepen the kiss. I dove a hand into her
lustrous hair and the other landed on her hip, bringing our bodies as flush as
possible considering we were seated side by side. The air heated up, and I was
no longer satisfied with the angle of our bodies, so I grasped her hips and
started to lift her over to straddle me—
jerked back at the loud crack and Bailey’s muffled cry of pain as she flopped
back down beside me, cursing and rubbing her knee. She’d obviously hit it on the wooden table.
that was smooth,” I drawled sarcastically, causing Bailey to giggle. “How about
we try that again?”
eyed the tabletop skeptically. “I hate to break it to you Casanova, but I think
the booth wins this round.” She glanced around as though just remembering where
we were. “Besides, I think the direction we were headed was bound to end up
with us getting arrested for public indecency.” She laughed and shook her head
right,” I agreed. “I’m a much bigger fan of private indecency.” I leaned down
and put my face in the crook of her neck,
nibbling my way up to her ear.  “How
about we try this again somewhere else?”
tilted her neck, giving me better access to the column of her throat. Damn, she
tasted so fucking delicious.
what did you”—she gasped when I lightly bit her skin and grabbed onto my
biceps—“have in mind?”
licked the spot and whispered, “My house. I live about ten minutes from here.”
chin bumped my head when she nodded, and I sat back to make sure I wasn’t
assuming anything. Her pink lips were puffy and a little red from rubbing
against my scruff. She looked hot as hell.
was uncertainty floating in her blue depths, a slight nervousness too. I
hesitated, worried that I’d misread the situation. She leaned forward and
dragged my bottom lip between her teeth, before letting it go and searing me
with her blazing eyes. “Ten minutes?” I nodded. “That’s an awfully long time.”
groaned, forgetting whatever it was I had been thinking and adjusted myself,
grabbed her hand, and hauled her up from the booth. I was hard as a fucking
rock and only sinking between her thighs was going to give me any relief.
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Risqué Contracts
Penalty Clause
Contingency Plan
Fraternization Rule
My name is Fiona Davenport and I’m a smutoholic. I’ve been reading raunchy
romance novels since… well, forever and a day ago it seems. And now I get to
write sexy stories and share them with others who are like me and enjoy their
books on the steamier side. Fiona Davenport is my super-secret alias, which is
kind of awesome since I’ve always wanted one.
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