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Bloom by Elizabeth O’Roark

About Bloom:
She’s just lost her job.
Her parents are acting like idiots.
And now she’s the focus of a national media scandal.
The summer has gotten off to a bad start for Elle Grayson, leaving only one option: a summer spent hiding out at the beach with her best friend – and her best friend’s older brother James.
James Campbell, the focus of every childhood daydream, now grown up and gorgeous and … unpredictable. Fiercely protective one minute and belligerent the next.
Determined to keep Elle safe, from himself most of all.

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Bloom Questions for Author Groupies:
1.​The first time you saw Elle what went through your head?

Well, the first time I saw her she was about three, and I was nine, so it was probably “why are Ginny’s stupid friends always in my room?”

As an adult, though – I didn’t recognize her, and I just went blank. Like in one of those war movies where a grenade explodes and suddenly there’s just silence. She was so beautiful she silenced me.
Once the silence ended, I thought a whole lot of things I’m not going to repeat here. Things I wanted to scrub from my brain once I realized this was Elle – little Elle, of the big glasses and Harry Potter t-shirts. I wanted to punch myself in the face for thinking the things I did, and I wanted to punch my buddy because I knew he was thinking them too.

2. Give us one word that best describes Elle.
That’s kind of impossible. At the risk of sounding totally whipped, she’s too many things. I guess the best I can do is ‘fierce’ because she’s relentless. She doesn’t take shit from anyone, and she doesn’t give up on anyone either.

3. What’s number one on your bucket list?
That involves Elle so I’m keeping it to myself.
#2 would be climbing the spray ice at Helmcken Falls in British Columbia.

4. What one feature do you think women find most attractive about you?
I can’t answer that question without sounding like a dick.
Elle said to tell you it’s my penis. Blame her, not me.

6. If you could be a superhero which would you be and why?
Iron Man. Because no superpower is worth wearing tights in public.

Author Elizabeth O’Roark

About Elizabeth:
Elizabeth O’Roark has a couple degrees she doesn’t use from the University of Texas and Notre Dame, and is a former medical writer who now lives in Washington, DC with her three youngish children. She is an avid reader and runner, when she is able to escape the aforementioned children. And she absolutely prefers writing fiction (a.k.a. just making shit up) to writing about liver transplants and amniocentesis.

Connect with Elizabeth online at:

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