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Title: Regretfully

Author: Leighton Riley

Release Date: Oct 16, 2014

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How do you heal after everything has been ripped away from you?

Completely devastated and alone, Tristen cannot fathom life after losing Cami and his unborn child. He attempts to find normality in his broken world but everything seems wrong.

Aria is compelled to help Tristen and cannot escape the undeniable connection she feels for him, even though Cami was one of her closest friends. She tries to help him move forward by befriending him but quickly realizes that there is more.

Tristen and Aria are both struggling to deal with these confusing emotions. Can they find happiness even when they feel utterly broken?


“I don’t- I’ve always been the sister-type, never like this.  Do you really want this?  I don’t expect anything afterwards, but are you really attracted to me like that?”  She murmured, so unsure of herself.  Her hands landed on my bare chest and glided over my nipple piercings.  The sensitivity was there and I briefly thought about what it would feel like having her luscious lips wrapped around them. 

“Listen to me.  Listen very carefully because you should already know this.  You’re gorgeous, inside and out.  We never saw you as our sister, we all respected you though.  You were the one everyone wanted but never had a chance with.  I could call up any of our surfing friends and they’d agree.  Hell, the girls knew it too.  When one of the guys started working up the nerve to ask you on a date, the others would warn about what would happen if he hurt you.  I guess we all kinda cock blocked you.”  I rub my neck, realizing how we were back then.  “I’m sorry for that.”


Reviewer: Amber

Rating: 5 Groupie Stars

Regretfully is the second book in the Sinfully series, but can be read as a standalone. But I definitely recommend reading Sinfully!!

Tristen has lost Cami and his unborn baby. He is lost. Aria, one of Cami’s friends, tries to help Tristen find some normalcy. They have a connection that they can’t deny. They become friends and Tristen wants to be close to Aria because she reminds him of Cami.

I really felt bad for Tristen. It broke my heart that he lost so much. There is a twist in the book, and it is a shocker! Can’t say too much about the storyline without giving away the twist! It was very easy to connect to the characters in this book. I was really routing for Tristen. You just really want him to get his happily ever after!! This is a story with love, anguish, and is a story that will truly pull on your heartstrings.

Leighton Riley did a wonderful job telling this touching story. I really cannot wait to read more from Leighton Riley. Cannot wait to see what else is in store! 5 Star read!!

– The birth date on the gravestone is my actual date of birth 😉

– I try to include names from my street team and readers in my books. (Rebecca, Elixix, Tami, Cassia were all from them in Regretfully)

– Tristen got his name from a good friend of mine. She was with me in the beginning of my writing process and her boyfriend’s name was Tristen and I fell in love with the name. 

– I saw Cirque Du Soleil’s Zumanity and one of the performers had his nipples pierced. I was sold and knew Tristen would be getting them. 😀

– I was able to relate to Tristen in some ways regarding Cami’s death. A boyfriend of mine was taken from this world too soon and I drew from those memories. 

– Gloria’s is my favorite Latin restaurant and I had to include it in the book. The one I go to is in Dallas though. 

– Aria’s flashback (you’ll know which one I’m talking about, hint- alcohol) was tough for me to write. I spent weeks on it, making sure it was accurate and written in a respectable manner. That’s one scene I don’t go back and reread very much, but it’s often on my mind.

Texas born and raised, I found my love for dirty books rather recently.  I work in real estate for my day job and I write contemporary romance with a twist of suspense and erotica.  Sinfully, Regretfully, and Deceitfully can be read in order or as standalones.  Sinfully and Regretfully take place around the same time frame and can even be read in reverse order (will give more background on Payton and Ryder’s story).  Tate’s story, Deceitfully, will finish off the series and will be out in spring of 2015.

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