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Stepbrother Dearest

By Penelope Ward
Release Date: September 29, 2014

Book Summary:

You’re not supposed to want the one who torments you.

When my stepbrother, Elec, came to live with us my senior year, I wasn’t prepared for how much of a jerk he’d be.

I hated that he took it out on me because he didn’t want to be here.
I hated that he brought girls from our high school back to his room.
But what I hated the most was the unwanted way my body reacted to him.

At first, I thought all he had going for him were his rock-hard tattooed abs and chiseled face. Then, things started changing between us, and it all came to a head one night.

Just as quickly as he’d come into my life, he was gone back to California.

It had been years since I’d seen Elec.

When tragedy struck our family, I’d have to face him again.

And holy hell, the teenager who made me crazy was now a man that drove me insane.

I had a feeling my heart was about to get broken again.

Stepbrother Dearest is a standalone novel.

**Contains graphic sexual content and harsh language. It is only appropriate for adult readers age 18+

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Reviewer: Rachel

Rating: 4.5 Groupie Stars

This was my first book by Ms. Ward and OMG!! Where the hell have I been. I’m one-clicking her, like now!

I’m going to keep this a little vague as to not give anything away. I loved that this book was told in two parts. Part One we get to meet Greta and Elec.

Elec is Greta’s step-dad Randy’s son. He comes to stay with his dad while his mom is out of the country for work, which you learn later that-that’s not the case. First off-I hated the way Randy treated Elec and even after finding out why I still hated him. Elec is your typical broody teenager who is an asshat and tries to be such a punk. He’s pretty mean to her at first but Greta doesn’t let him. The first part of the book you see Elec with girl after girl but the tension between he and Greta was palpable from the start. At the end of part one I admit for one it was HOT, but a little emotional.

Part two is a fast forward 7 years later and Elec and Greta are reunited, and I won’t say why or why they were seperated, but man this part put me through the emotional ringer. Greta still has feelings for him, but when he comes home he’s got a girlfried, Chelsea. Who is very sweet and nice. There’s a lot he never shared with his girlfriend and only Greta knew. They reconnect and I’ll tell you this right now there is NO cheating, which I liked because even though the sexual attraction was there neither one of them acted on it.

The whole book is told from Greta’s POV until she starts reading the book that Elec wrote about his life, which I loved!!!!! I loved being inside his head and why he did what he did. The ending was a tad bit rushed, but I still loved it and loved the Epilogue.

This was a great story, with great characters that you either wanted to slap, hug or kiss 🙂 A definite must read!!

Reviewer: Lorena

Rating: 5 Groupie Stars

Okay, I have to start off by saying that this book has left me speechless. It consumed me since the first page all the way to the last page. I found myself unable to put my kindle down since the moment I started reading this book. I went ahead and read it until I finished it. It is now 2:11 am in the morning and I find myself unable to sleep just thinking about this beautiful book.

Penelope, you have done it once again. You have a way in writing your books where you have the reader just get into the stories and see themselves unable to stop reading. I seem to get sucked in from the first page, which I love because I know that it’s a book that will be hard for me to put down. I have to say that I’m torn between My Skylar and Stepbrother Dearest because these are the two books I’ve read from you so far. I’m sure the rest are just as good as these and I will get to them eventually because I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! They both are so different, yet they both made me sad at times, happy at others and sometimes I just wanted to throw my kindle across the room.

I felt the angst, the emotion, the love, the passion, and the sadness from the characters in the book.

Stepbrother Dearest really shocked me. There were events in here that I never, in a million years, expect to happen, but they did. The whole book just shattered me completely.

I love, love your books and once again, I have to say that this was a 5 star read for me. If I could give it more stars, I would definitely give it all the stars that are possible.





Author Infob2ca1162840c0a8c0911d0.L._V366446166_SY470_

Penelope Ward

Penelope Ward is a USA Today Bestselling author.

She grew up in Boston with five older brothers. She spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor, before switching to a more family-friendly career.

Penelope lives for reading books in the new adult genre, coffee and hanging out with her friends and family on weekends.

She is the proud mother of a beautiful 10-year-old girl with autism (the inspiration for the character Callie in Gemini) and a 8-year-old boy, both of whom are the lights of her life.

Penelope, her husband and kids reside in Rhode Island.

She is currently working on her fifth novel, Jake Understood. She is the author of Gemini, Jake Undone, My Skylar and Stepbrother Dearest.

website | amazon author page | Facebook | twitter | goodreads

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I’m attaching a couple of teasers but please feel free to go to Penelope’s Facebook site and grab any you’d like to use from there. You can also go to my facebook page and find the photo album I’ve created for Penelope.





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